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If you’re an avid jailbreak fan and an eager user of the weirdly wonderful Snapchat app then you might want to make sure that both of those worlds don’t quite work well together. It’s been reported by a number of users, and subsequently confirmed by Snapchat’s official Twitter support account, that the company is proactively locking the accounts of individuals who install jailbreak tweaks that are intended to modify the functionality and feature set of the social networking app.

It seems coincidental that the decision to lock accounts has coincided with the rise in popularity of the Phantom jailbreak extension. Phantom compliments the native Snapchat app by introducing a number of features that were never intended to be part of the package released by the company’s San Francisco based engineering team. Features included being able to spoof a device location to take advantage of different geo-filters, as well as capturing screenshots in silent, viewing stories in stealth and sending photos and videos from the Photos app as a snap rather than an attachment to a chat.

This is what jailbroken users are getting now when using Snapchat:

Oh no! Your account has been locked. Please uninstall any plugins you may have installed and visit

Of course, the internet is definitely not going to stand by and allow a company to dictate to it about how its software should and shouldn’t be used. So, as is standard practice, a number of handy “how tos” have appeared on how to get Snapchat working with the Phantom jailbreak tweak.

Step 1: Install the latest version of Snapchat directly from the App Store.

Step 2: Remove Phantom and all other Snapchat related jailbreak tweaks from your device via Cydia.

Step 3: Head over to the Snapchat’s unlock page here to get the restrictions from your account removed.

Step 4: Log in to Snapchat on the installed device as normal.

Step 5: Install AppSync from Karen’s Pineapple Repository

Step 6: Download and install the file management tool iFunBox onto your computer from

Step 7: Grab Snapchat 9.10 ipa file from iTunes on your computer, or from anywhere else, and then install it on your device using iFunBox. This can be achieved via the large green Install button on top. This is essentially installing any previous version of Snapchat that doesn’t contain the jailbreak checks.

Step 8: Once the older version of Snapchat is installed, do not open it yet.

Step 9: Now install Phantom or any other Snapchat jailbreak tweak from Cydia.

Step 10: Now open Snapchat, it should work.

This temporary workaround should enable you to use Snapchat again with your favorite jailbreak tweaks installed until Phantom’s developer and others come out with permanent fix.

(source: Reddit)