Apple should include an option to schedule text messages to be sent. Push-and-hold the send button to bring up a Calendar to automatically send the text at a specified time in the future. It can alert you that it will send 5 min before, so you can opt to delete it if you choose, before it auto sends. Or it can alert you that it’s now time for the message to be sent, but it won’t actually do it until you confirm it.

For instance, you have a non-urgent question or thought to pass along to someone at 1:30 am, but it’s obviously too late to text them. You can push and hold to delay the message to be sent until 8:15 the next morning.

Perhaps you want to follow up on a job interview, but don’t want to send it immediately. You can opt to draft the text as you’re walking out of the interview and have it send 2 hours later.

Or a birthday is coming up and you don’t want to forget to say Happy Birthday, you can schedule it to send 3 days later on their birthday.