Lost airpods case. After some issues, Apple customer service sent me a new one “on him,” as an act of goodwill to a dedicated customer. Do they give agents budgets to fix these issues? How does this work?

Lost my airpods charging case a couple weeks ago, probably fell out of my pockets when I was walking to class. Called up Apple, got passed around the different departments because I couldnt order the case with a gift card online, got thrown to a customer service agent who’d be “handling my case.” Called up the Apple store nearby, set one aside for when I could head over there (1.5 hours away). I ended up not being able to go, and they canceled the hold for me, so the agent sent me a new case, “on him.” My question, is how much of a budget does Apple set aside for these things? He said he wanted to do some goodwill for a dedicated customer. How do they limit this?