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Dün akşam herkes iOS 7 Beta 3'e odaklanmışken Apple OS X Mavericks için DP3 sürümünü çıkarttı. Aşağıda Apple tarafından belirtilmiş sürüm notlarına bakabilirsiniz.


Network migration from earlier versions of OS X requires the Migration Update for Snow Leopard, Lion, or Mountain Lion, available from the Mac Dev Center.
Migration from Windows is not supported in Developer Preview 3.
Reinstalling Developer Preview 3 from the Recovery Partition is not supported. Developer Preview 3 can be reinstalled using a Time Machine backup or Target Disk Mode.

iCloud and iCloud Keychain

The Reset Keychain button in Account Details of the iCloud preferences pane is for testing purposes and will not be available in the final release.
First-time iCloud setup may fail. Disabled services may be enabled manually in the iCloud preferences pane.
After upgrading to Developer Preview 3, iCloud Keychain will need to be reenabled in the iCloud preferences pane.
iCloud Keychain in OS X Mavericks Developer Seed 3 is not backward compatible with iOS 7 Seed 2 and OS X Mavericks Developer Seed 2.
Third-Party Applications
Installation within a virtual machine is not supported for VMWare Fusion.
Adobe After Effects CS6 will not function correctly.


Screen recordings taken with Developer Preview 3 are not compatible with earlier releases of OS X.
The QuickTime Player progress bar may be nonfunctional when opening media that requires conversion prior to playback.
Aperture may exit unexpectedly when exporting an image while in full screen.
Moving a full-screen Aperture window to a secondary display may prevent the app window from being visible in subsequent attempts to use full screen.
When saving from Photoshop, Save As may not respect the selected file type.
Fusion Drive volumes created with Developer Preview 3 are not compatible with OS X v10.8.4 or earlier.
Developer Preview 3 includes OpenSSH 6.2p2.